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“Be present, bear witness, and befriend…”

The Trust works through a network of volunteers to provide compassionate care and spiritual support for seriously ill, dying or bereaved people, their families, friends and carers.

They are a non-aligned, voluntary and autonomous association of Western Buddhists, open to ALL who want to join, want to help, or need any kind of help themselves. If you feel that we might have something to offer you then please do not hesitate to contact them at: info@buddhisthospice.org.uk

The Trust is a “hospice without walls”, i.e. no building or equipment. They don’t have in-patient services (beds) or provide nursing or palliative care. They can sometimes help by pointing to sources of specialist help in a particular locality.

The volunteers make a commitment to ‘be present, bear witness, and befriend’ people who call on us for help. They will always be required to operate within a Code of Conduct. Volunteers are currently needed in London and the Home Counties.

They're also keen to hear from health and social care organisations, as well as from individual carers, nurses, social workers, chaplains, teachers, students or researchers about issues of mutual interest or concern.

Their work is funded wholly by voluntary giving. Please help by making a donation, using one of the secure PayPal buttons that appear on each page. Thank you!

Building a Buddhist hospice extension using shiplap cladding and oak flooring

One challenge that any charitable organisation faces is the balance between spending money on a nice building and not spending to much for example on things like oak flooring and shiplap cladding.

oak flooring buddhist hospice

Why things like oak flooring can be important in hospices

Creating a nice and comfortable environment that people enjoy being in is a big deal in any hospice, oak floors and flooring go a long way to creating this sort of environment. In pressing times this wouldn't be an essential purchase but as there was an opportunity in my local hospice to try something different when they were building an extension, oak was the perfect material. Flooring is actually a pretty important consideration for a building that sees a lot of use, carpets and other timber floors can quickly become worn and need replacing, with solid oaky floors though you're pretty much guaranteed a material that's going to last

Why a professional dish washer can be essential to a buddhist hospice

If you're running any type of large establishment like a buddhist hospice or any other type of place that serves food and uses dishes on a large scale, then you can pretty much guarantee that professional dish washer will dramatically improve conditions in the kitchen area.

professional dish washer buddhist hospice

The reason that a professional dish washer proves to be so useful is because they are able to free up members of staff that whose time could be better used doing charitable work elsewhere. When people volunteer for these types of organisation they don't usually intend on having to wash the dishes even though it is an essential day to day task, this is where a commercial dish washer really comes into it's own.

It's not just dishwashers that are useful in hospices

If your organisation has the budget then any type of automated devices can prove to be invaluable, it's not purely limited to an Prowashers catering dishwashers at all. The initial expense for these machines is soon justified in the time saved for members of staff. Other devices that may really help include all sorts of things such as electric curtains if you have large buildings and many windows or even things such as glass washers.

I'm not for a second suggesting that a small establishment should go out and buy a professional dish washer today, this may not be cost effective at all. If you're only serving a small amount of meals every day then you can probably cope without a dishwasher and just washing the dishes and glasses the old fashioned way. If however you're serving thousands of meals, then the man hours soon begin to add up!